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Some of your Antibiotics you are taking can and will show a false positive drug test!

For a lot of workers who have safety sensitive positions ANTIBIOTICS can and have shown a false positive in your local workplace drug screening programs but it does mean you are a user or abuser!

I have worked in companies that just crap mountains when they hear a drug test is positive instead asking the why with the worker! Sometimes the worker has ZERO knowledge the Antibiotic from the dentist or whoever has any narcotic factor, never mind the headache pill they just took. As a supervisor or company HOW WELL VERSED are you in drug testing not just the negative or positive test result card!

All employers must understand the test show trace element of KNOW drugs not drug users! And a lot of ANTIBIOTICS do have trace elements in their mixtures. Antibiotics shouldn’t but immunoassay tests are notorious for producing false positives, this is why they should be confirmed with GC-MS test, but this is very expensive. You might want to find out if they did a GC-MS test for confirmation. Did they tell you what you tested positive for? Is it possible that the dentist gave you something for pain and this triggered a positive?

Did you take any NSAIDS lately, ibuprofen or aleve? These are equally known to show false positive tests. Or Amoxicillin – false positive for cocaine—

Do take your doctor´s prescription when they give you the test results.-

Before they did the test did you tell them you were on this medication?

If you have a script you should not have a problem, or ask them to get in touch with the doctor who prescribed this med. “Current Psychiatry” on false-positive urine drug screens, amoxicillin and most antibiotics can yield a false-positive test result for cocaine. They also say antibiotics in the quinolone category can yield a false positive for heroin or morphine.

Cold Medicines and Antihistamines

According to P bar Y Safety , nasal decongestants and pseudoephedrine, a cold medicine ingredient, can cause false positives for amphetamines on a urinary drug screen. They add that Nyquil, an over-the-counter cold medication, can give a false positive for methadone.

Penney and colleagues note that promethazine–Phergan–can give a false positive reading for amphetamines in a urine test.

Gastrointestinal Drugs

P bar Y Safety say drugs such as pantoprazole, or Protonix, a drug in the proton pump inhibitor class used to treat ulcers and acid reflux, can give a false-positive for marijuana. Penney says all proton pump inhibitors can give a false reading for mraijuana. In addition, rantidine, or Zantac, also an acid reflux drug, can yield a false-positive for amphetamine, says Penney.

Anti-obesity Drugs

Phentermine, or Adipex, and benzphetamine, also known as Didrex, drugs prescribed to help individuals lose weight, can cause a false-positive for illegal amphetamines, according to Penney.


Penney says labetalol–Normadyne–a blood pressure medication, can give a false positive reading for amphetamines.

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