Audiometric Testing

Audiometric Testing

Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd offers comprehensive hearing assessments and audiometric tests in accordance to the Alberta Occupational Health Safety Code Part 16 on Noise.

Comprehensive Hearing Assessment Services

  1. Initial Baseline Testing: must be conducted as soon as practicable, but no later than six-months after the start of employment or within six-months of a worker becoming exposed to noise due to the changes in the organization’s activities or duties. This test is called the Baseline Test.
  2. First Periodical Audiometric Test: Must be conducted within 12 months of the baseline test.
  3. Periodical Testing and tracking using advanced software: After the 12 month periodical test, audiometric testing must be conducted every two-years thereafter.
  4. Audiometric Testing on a Mobile basis
  5. Detailed Reports

Conducting a hearing assessment is an important necessary step that is performed prior to the audiometric testing. It is necessary to obtain a comprehensive case history on the worker.

Here at Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd we will have your worker fill out an Audiometric Questionnaire, our experienced health professionals review it over and engage with the worker to ensure accuracy of information. Any important items will be thoroughly addressed.

Once the information is correctly obtained, it is time for the physical assessment and audiogram. In the end, we will conduct a more formal educational component while advising the worker on their results and providing them with a copy of their test. Our Audiologist will be reached as necessary.

We ensure our Equipment is Calibrated, Commissioned and Ready!

At Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd, we use the most up-to-date technology to serve you better and to ensure accuracy within our equipment. Our audio-booth is commissioned annually, we use a bio-acoustic simulator to provide our clients with accurate patient assessments coming from our Audiometer. This sophisticated equipment is an extremely reliable device that completes our in-house daily audiometer verification and standards checks as it meets the specific OSHA and ANSI requirements for background noise levels as well.  We make sure our equipment is well taken care of for you!
For more information on the Provincial Requirements please refer to these various sources from the Alberta OHS Act/Regulations/Code of 2009:

We Safeguard your Health Information!

It is important to know that all health assessments are highly sensitive health information and are safeguarded in-house by our Privacy Officer. These records are kept in accordance to Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policies and Procedures.

Get in touch with Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd to book your test. Some information we will require:

  • Candidate’s Name
  • A Candidate ID Number (Drivers Licence)
  • Type of Test Required
  • Expire Date
  • Location of the Employee or Student