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Your COR (Certificate of Recognition) does not PROVE your company is Safe in anyway other than on paper!

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program is a proven way for any industry employers to improve their health and safety performance. But  safety is team event, is a daily feature and not a single piece of paper that is displayed on a wall or paraded around like the emperors clothing or crown jewels.

The following is a TRUE statement of fact in today safety world BUT!

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards.

A COR shows that the employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards. These standards are established by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). To get a COR, your business must first have a health and safety management system in place, and then have it successfully audited through a Certifying Partner.

A Certifying Partner is an organization that:

§ can help you develop a health and safety system

§ provides health and safety training and services

§ coordinates the audit process

§ provides quality assurance

But it does make you a safe company or a safe environment.  Safety takes people working to one goal, in creating the world of EVERYONE getting home daily safe to their families at the end of the day.

COR was created a check and balance program based upon each industries needs to ensure that your company is at the MIMIMUM worker safety requirement so you could show your competitors and clients that HEY WE PASSED THE TEST HERE IS OUR REPORT CARD!

That bare minimum is already commanded by provincial law and it already a strict or absolute requirement of the employer to do or perform, COR does show others that he/she the teacher gave us an “A” and you a “D” or an “F”.  We get the sucker and a free period you get detention and a visit from OHS for something that is already your LEGAL requirement to do as an ADULT! And it does not MEAN in any way you are an “A” company it just mean you got; to pass the audit, you must score at least 80% overall, with a minimum score of 50% in each of the audit elements.

I have seen may a company in many an industry at audit time round up there supervisors, managers and executives into separate class rooms and groom them to answer the interview questions properly and exactly ( by the way if you team needs the exact and proper correct answers) to pass the interview question on the COR just email me I would be happy to send them to you, but that is not safety that just means you are study for a test and want to get a “A” so the CEO does ask you why your management team had no clue on right answers! Keeping in mind the question are already what a COMPETENT SUPERVISOR OR MANGER OR EXECUTIVE, should already know and is ALREADY in place under law, and due diligence in court is part of that COMPETENCY TRAINING!

Next we have a safety manual and yes 60% of the company never crack the binding on these manual until audit time, and then at appointed time like the wild geese returning from the south in the spring everyone puts them on their desks, brush off the dust and say OH YES we have one! But like the bible most have never read its content or review the changes it may need!

Oh yes we own shares in the paper industry because our teams have to submit safety form, like JSA,INSPECTIONS, PRE-JOB INSPECTION AND PM( PERFORMANCE MAINTENANCE CHECKS) TO ENSURE that we have lots and lot of stuff for the auditors to review and look at.  Not that this is bad but are they filling them out for paper work sake or are the comment and corrections ACTIVELY BEING REVIEWED AND CORRECTED, and yes that is still part of the legal minimum requirement under law.

Oh a field trip, not just around the office but in the field, just like when the principle would come in and sit on your class in school or if you were luck to go on a field trip to the museum or event.  What are the STUDENTS or in this case the WORKERS learning and better yet what are they correcting or seeing for Hazards and how are they PREVENTING risks, not just doing the work and stepping past the problem or risks and driving off.  Oh did I mention its in law that a supervisor, manager or company owner is commanded to do this any way based upon a schedule.

Oh you did the INSPECTIONS, at a boy or girl and such neat hand writing and spelling ( because some document defy logic in what was the person saying) and you filled it neatly in the safety person office for the audit.  STOP RIGHT THERE — HALT!  What about the correction or repairs or compliance issues who is putting that in place OH YES THE SUPERVISOR not SAFETY!, did I mention that is in within law too.

OH THEY WANT KPI’s how nice how are we doing from month to month or from year to year and how do rate to industry but not in safety in general.  It is the same as when little Johnny or Sue, need to study harder or need remedial programs to come up the rest of the class ( based upon the provincial standards),

OMG we had an incident and yes it does say YOU THE EMPLOYER MUST INVESTIGATE; yes I know you will find it in legislation.  And it is not JUST up to the safety person it is a TEAM event to see what and when and the other W’s happened and how to correct it the PREVENTION part it is investigated in a methodical way, based upon good investigative practices that would hold up in COURT.

OH COOKIES everyone likes COOKIES or in this case CASH, if you PASS in your industry code ratings and ALONG with the other companies who you compete with for business DAILY, do everything right too you and your company and yes your competitors company get cash back in REBATES because you were safe or at least in your COR standards.  But if you do great and they do poorly no cash or rebates SORRY Johnny, next contestant on the safety is right!

BUT AS AN EMPLOYER YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT, AND YES YOU MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE A COR OR HAVE PASSED YOUR COR STANDARD FOR YOUR INDUSTRY, because each certifying partner has their STANDARDS, of what you must do to get a piece of paper.  SAFETY IS A TEAM EVENT, IT IS A ACTIVE PROGRAM THAT IS DAILY AND HOURLY, it is about PEOPLE and the items that are around them. AND YES everyone needs to learn and develop, JUST LIKE IN SCHOOL.  And you are right no two people or companies are the same but they must ALL PASS the SAME STANDARDS as noted in LAW that you must legally already know as a worker, supervisor and manager to be COMPETENT on the job and client sites!

SO hence the COR came out to ensure COMPANIES in partnership with industry and WCB agencies were being PROACTIVE in attempting that people and companies are safe and are at MINIMUM LEVEL OF COMPETENCY WITH THE EXISTING PROVINCIAL LAWS , so your worker go home to their families safely.

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