Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Whether it is substance abuse, addiction, in the form of medication or recreational usage, drugs and alcohol have been an ongoing issue within our workplaces for years.

At Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd, we are dedicated to safeguarding your workers from accidents and injuries associated with Drugs and Alcohol.

Drug Testing Services

In attempt to respond to these problems we offer an array of Drug Testing services:

  1. Express Testing Services (Point of Collection Testing – POCT)
  2. SAMHSA Approved & HHS Certified Lab-based Testing
  3. Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  4. Quality Control Methods & Accuracy
  5. Quick Response Time
  6. Random Drug and Alcohol Testing through scientific methodology.
  7. Mobile testing/Onsite testing 

Breath Alcohol Testing available using the Alco Sensor IV RBT IV.

Breath Alcohol Technician & Calibration Technician Training also available. Inquire within!

If you don’t see your service above, please use the form below to contact us and we can customize any of your business needs at an affordable cost.

Get in touch with Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd to book your test. Some information we will require:

  • Candidate’s Name
  • A Candidate ID Number (Drivers Licence)
  • Type of Test Required
  • Expire Date
  • Location of the Employee or Student