Fall Protection




The PARACHUTE STYLE HARNESS is made of durable polyester webbing with quick connect buckle fasteners. Grommeted leg straps are offered as an option to the quick connect buckles. Adjustable leg, shoulder and chest straps can be positioned to the optimum location for the worker and will stay in place. The sub-pelvic strap evenly distributes the forces generated in a fall. Webbing is available in standard red and black, or can be special ordered in custom colors. The Kevlar® and maximum visibility webbing is available in one color only.connection-options


All harnesses meet or exceed CSA Z259.10-06 certificaton and comply with ANSI Z359.1-1 2007.

Standard capacity is one person weighing up to 310 pounds (141 kilograms) including the weight of tools and clothing. All of our harnesses are available in custom sizes from Small to 4XL. For capacities over 310 pounds (141 kilograms), please contact us.


Harnesses are constructed from synthetic webbing because of it’s superior strength and consistency.

Nylon (Polyamide) is a strong and cost effective material suited to most fall arrest applications. It has good strength to weight ratio, good abrasion resistance and is unaffected by alkalis.
Polyester has superior strength and chemical resistance when compared to nylon.
Kevlar® has similar strength properties to polyester with added resistance to heat, flame and sparks.
Maximum Visibility has five rows of reflective material on both sides of the blaze orange polyester webbing.


Lanyards and Retractable Lanyards

E4 energy absorbing lanyard is designed to reduce the forces on a human body during a fall to less than 900 pounds (4 kilonewtons) and limit the deployment length to a maximum of 42 inches (1067 millimeters). These lanyards have a weight rating between 99 pounds (45 kilograms) and 254 pounds (115 kilograms) for a worker including all tools, clothing and personal protection equipment.

E6 energy absorbing lanyard is designed for the heavier worker, having a weight rating between 200 pounds (91 kilograms) and 386 pounds (175 kilograms). The E6 limits the forces to less than 1350 pounds (6 kilonewtons) and is the only E6 energy absorbing lanyard to have the same 42 inch (1067 millimeter) deployment length as the E4.



Travel Restraint & Horizontal Lifelines





Here are some of the components available for your rescue program. Please call for more information.

  1. Figure eight descender BRRF5045
  2. Rescue super clip SRRC001
  3. Right hand ascender BRRP260
  4. Sarab descent device SRSD14
  5. Extraction anklets MRWA010
  6. Rescue yoke MYRS001
  7. Rope termination plate TR101


Lifting Cradles