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Farm Safety in Canada is the NEW Safety YOU in Life in Agriculture Families!

CANADIAN FARM SAFETY WEEK is coming what you and your family covered of talked about in safety and which provincial free seminars conferences are you attending   SAFETY IS A EVERY THINGS OCCUPATION IN GETTING FOLKS HOME TO THEIR LOVED ONES DAILY!

Your family is your pride and joy.

Whether you are raising children, watching out for your partner, or checking in on Dad after a long day in the field, you would do anything to keep them safe, while preserving the farm experience for future generations.

TOOLBOX TALKS – “Appealing to Adults” 2017

Toolbox Talks are brief, informal talks or meetings about specific topics relevant to agriculture and how to undertake these various tasks safely and properly. These talks typically involve a two to five minute, interactive discussion on something safety-related and can be conducted at the beginning of each day or prior to a specific farm task in order to remind workers about the importance of safe work methods or procedures.

Talk leaders are offered brief instructions on how to conduct the Toolbox Talk discussion and are encouraged to print a copy for each participant so they can follow along and then have the sheet for future reference.

Browse through the list of Toolbox Talks below and download the talks that are relevant to your farm.

  1. Operating Portable Augers
  2. Safe Handling of Cattle
  3. Preparing Grain Bins for Harvest
  4. Transporting Oversized Loads
  5. All-Terrain Vehicle Operation on Farm Property
  6. Basic Tractor Operation
  7. Removing Duals


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