Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in the Edmonton Area

Inuksuk Safety specializes in the supply, install and maintenance of your fire protection equipment. Not only do we supply and install fire extinguisher, we also perform inspections & maintenance to ensure your extinguishers are in accordance with NFPA standard 10. Our highly trained personnel will ensure you have the proper extinguisher classification for the type of hazards in your facilities.

We also provide on site services such as inspections, maintenance and refills to ensure you are protected at all times without having your units taken off site. In addition to having fire protection equipment, being able to properly utilize it is the key benefit to saving your assets. Therefore, our training  course can equip you with the knowledge on how to properly extinguish fire and prevent damage to your property.

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Inuksuk offers the following services for Fire Extinguishers:

  • On Site Service
  • Annual Inspections, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly inspections
  • Repairs, recharges and disposal
  • Installation services
  • Sales


Our extinguishers are maintained to NFPA 10

Blown out from hydro testAn example of a small extinguisher that had a dent and went through a hydro-static test and failed.


Are you confused about how often you need to service and recharge your fire extinguisher? Properly maintaining your fire extinguisher is extremely important for the safety of your employees, but if you have multiple fire protection systems in your building, it can be difficult to remember when they all need to be serviced.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Guide:


First of all, you should make an inventory of all of your fire extinguishers and where they are located throughout your facility. Then every month, walk around to all of the fire extinguishers in your building and check that the needle on the pressure gauge is in the green area.

This can be done on your own without the help of a fire protection services company. If you see a fire extinguisher with a low pressure gauge, make sure you call a fire protection services company right away to fix the problem and get your fire extinguisher back up to par.


Fire extinguishers need professional inspection and general service at least once a year. In addition, if you notice that your fire extinguisher has lost pressure (if the needle on the pressure gauge is no longer in the green) or if you have used your fire extinguisher to put out a fire, schedule a fire extinguisher inspection as soon as possible.

During a fire extinguisher inspection, your fire extinguisher will be checked for damages and refilled (if necessary), so that your fire extinguisher will be ready to protect you the next time you need it.



Every six years you should have a fire protection services company take apart your fire extinguisher and carefully examine all of the components, then put your fire extinguisher back together and recharge it. This major fire extinguisher maintenance will help ensure that your fire extinguisher will keep you protected for years to come.



Have your fire extinguisher hydro-tested every 12 years to make sure that the extinguisher holds enough pressure and can still be used. If it does not, it may be time to buy a new fire extinguisher. At Inuksuk Safety, we can sell and install fire extinguishers of all types. No matter how big your facility is, you can sure it is up to code and that your employees or customers are protected.