Full Spectrum Safety Program

Our Safety Program is a full spectrum approach to ensure all of our clients safety needs are met on time, on budget, and on target. Our employee’s are trained in such a manner that adheres to our company motto, “When The Standard is Not Enough”, and is carried through out all of our operations.

Our safety mandate is to decrease costs to our clients, provide a superior service, and to continually forge a long lasting relationship with our clients as safety is a marathon, not a race.


Our Safety Program includes such services as:

  • Safety Supervisors/Consultants

  • Safety Watch (Spark/Man/Confined Space)

  • Rope Access Teams (Technician’s and/or Tradesmen)

  • Safety Training (SCSA, ESC, OSSA, Custom)

  • Medical Standby (EMR, PCP, PCP-A)

  • Rescue Standby (High Angle, Confined Space, Trench)

  • Safety Assessment’s (Worksite and/or project based, equipment)

  • Gas Detection and Monitoring

  • Fire Extinguisher Services (inspection, repair, replacement)

  • Safety Equipment/Apparel Sales

  • Audit Services

  • Alcohol + Drug Testing

  • Respiratory Mask Fit Testing

  • Air Trailers

This program can be utilized in full or in partial aspects depending on your needs per project. We have the capability to provide a large safety workforce to fulfill all your project’s needs.

Fort McMurray Division


Cailin Wadden (CEO, Treasurer)


Mail: PO Box 5361, Fort McMurray,

Alberta, Canada, T9H 3G4


Edmonton Division


Rick Needham (President)


Mail: PO Box 403, Thorhild,

Alberta, Canada, T0A 3J0