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Hazmat Training have you and YOUR TEAMS covered and ACTIVELY Participated!

Spill Response in your plan is designed to Protect the health and safety of your employees who work with or may encounter hazardous material spills in the workplace by teaching them what to watch out for and strategies for keeping safe

After your training After your drills your employees will be able to:

§ Understand how spills may cause injury or illness

§ Execute strategies for removing and controlling hazards

§ Participate as a team to deal with hazardous spills

§ Follow correct procedures for donning & doffing personal protective equipment

§ Package and label spill cleanup material

Through your plan and training your teams will understand:

§ Containment and confinement practices for accidental release

§ Preventative controls

§ Selection and use of personal protective equipment

§ Respiratory protection

§ Environmental and physical hazards of chemical spills

§ Use and selection of spill response materials

§ Communicating within the team and outside the team

Plus using Technology to assist your staff in easy understandable data

Know the risk name but not the controls NO PROBLEM

Know ISOLATION areas

Design through control action for railway cars

On the road safety design safety and recognition

Even using the Guide to assist them in safety

Even WATER reactive chemicals need your SPECIAL training and knowledge

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