Mask-Fit Testing

 Mask-Fit Testing

Respiratory protective equipment should only be used by workers capable of functioning and performing the job at task while wearing the respiratory equipment. This includes achieving an adequate facial seal, the worker’s fitness to wear respiratory equipment, including any physical and psychological conditions that may limit or cause further harm to their ability to use respiratory protective equipment.

Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd will test your employee in accordance to the CSA Standard Z94.4.11.

At Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd, our highly trained professionals will conduct both Qualitative (QLT) and Quantitative (QTT) fit testing. However, Quantitative (QTT) Fit tests are highly recommended.

QTT Fit Tests:

Quantitative fit tests involve the measurement of respirator leakage by monitoring leakage inside the respirator face piece with a device called the PortaCount Pro.

Get in touch with Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd to book your test. Some information we will require:

  • Candidate’s Name
  • A Candidate ID Number (Drivers Licence)
  • Type of Test Required
  • Expire Date
  • Location of the Employee or Student