Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd is mobile ready!

Our 23-ft modern trailer is already equipped with an Eckel Sound booth and all best technology occupational health testing has to offer.

After-hours testing is available; please contact us for greater details.

Right Technology

Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd will provide all the right technology that exceeds legislative compliance measures:

  • Hearing tests are calibrated on an annual basis
  • Eckel sound booth is commissioned annually
  • Audiometric testing equipment is tested daily using a customized bio-acoustic simulator made by 3M technology


Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd arrives during the most convenient time for your company. Most clients prefer our services during peak hours to ensure efficient flow and a catch-all basis.

Shutdowns or turn-arounds are also preferred amongst clients.

Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd will ensure our services meet all the elements defined in the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code.

Your compliance is our responsibility.

Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd treats every client in an ethical manner and understands health is a very important personal matter. That’s why we approach every client in a dignified and respectable way.

Get in touch with Inuksuk Safety Services Ltd to book your test. Some information we will require:

  • Candidate’s Name
  • A Candidate ID Number (Drivers Licence)
  • Type of Test Required
  • Expire Date
  • Location of the Employee or Student