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Mr. Heater Fuel Filter for Portable Buddy and Big Buddy Heaters #F273699

When using your Mr.Buddy Big Buddy Heater with 20 lb tanks you can expect to purchase a few items to get the system working instead of the regular 1lb tank. Inuksuk Safety uses the Big Buddy Heater in combination with 2 – 20 lb tanks of propane to heat our mobile pressure washing trailer. Below is a link to to purchase the filters (Amazon Affiliate). The current Price is $21.08 each with Amazon Prime Free Shipping. They screw in right at the point where you would normally screw in the 1 lb bottles of propane.

You would be changing these filters if they get clogged or are having issues with the pilot light not staying lite. Inuksuk Safety has used these filters on the big buddy to heat the trailer during the winter months. We run this heater 7 days a week, 24 hours a day during the winter to ensure that the trailer stays above freezing. We have noticed that the heater on low will run about 2 propane tanks (filled 85% in winter) for about 7 days. Below is a link for the Big Buddy on The filters have currently lasted about 3 months currently with more to come. The big buddy does produce a small amount of moisture in an enclosed space. We open the top vent on the trailer and have a small fan running to allow for some air movement which reduces the amount of moisture that is built up on the walls and ceiling.

If you don’t have time for maintenance on your equipment, Your equipment will MAKE time for maintenance.

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