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NAPOLCOM leads observance of National Crime Prevention Week and Safety.

The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) the 22nd National Crime Prevention Week; October is Crime Prevention Month Local, state/ province and federal crime prevention strategy addresses the factors we know contribute directly to crime.  Safe and healthy communities play a big part in making Ontario a great place to live. Keeping North Americans safe requires all of us – law enforcement, governments, businesses, community groups, and individuals – to work together. As North Americans police leaders, we strongly believe in community policing, cooperation, and collaboration when it comes to preventing crimes.

The 2016 campaign focuses on financial crimes and fraud. These are crimes that victimize individuals from all walks of life. We want to raise awareness of the many different ways you can become a victim of the criminal activities involved in financial crimes and fraud. Our campaign theme, “Know Who You’re Dealing With…”, succinctly captures what all of us need to do in order to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our businesses.

Risk Factors are negative circumstances and influences that increase the likelihood of a person committing crime. They are extensive and complex, ranging from factors unique to an individual to broader societal issues. They can include:

unemployment and low income, educational levels including high school drop-out rates, changes in families and parenting, household size, availability and use of alcohol and drugs, shifting social values, increased migration to cities, a shift to communities where people don’t know each other. Protective Factors are positive characteristics or conditions that distance people from risks and promote positive development.

Take the proper measures to protect yourself from crime. Lock your doors, change your passwords, keep your keys on you, and anything else you are able to think of.

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