Non-lethal Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management Team

The Inuksuk bear monitoring initiative is a time-tested safety program to keep bears and humans safe. The objective is to create a society where bears and humans can cohabit safely in a wilderness environment. We do this by performing bear aversion and conditioning tactics that have been utilized by the Alberta Bear Smart Program. Our highly skilled team of Wildlife specialist will ensure that both bears and humans go home safe at the end of the day. These techniques include the use of non-lethal bear management tools and bear behavior education such as:

-Noise deterrents (Bear banger and screamers)

-Biological Management Units (Food plots away from Active Work Areas)

-Physical deterrents (Bear Spray, Rubber bullets and Rubber slugs)

-Electric Fencing

-Bear Awareness Training

-Site Hazard assessment and inspection for waste management


Bear monitoring is not the only wildlife service we provide. Bird deterrent and monitoring can be included with our services along with our wildlife conservation and monitoring program of ungulates, canines and beaver. These services include:

-Wildlife tracking (summer and winter)

-Beaver Control and Trapping

-Propane cannons

-Kestrel Bird deterrent Units

-Scare crow construction

-Bird Identification

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