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Why re-torque your wheels?


Why would you want to re-torque your tires?

There are several reasons why. The picture above is unlikely situation but it obviously happens. The question is why Risk loosing a wheels or warping your brakes? When you get your wheels torqued properly it ensures that the lug nuts are not to tight as to warp the brakes and not loose enough to have your wheel fall off. Most places I have gone do not charge for re-torquing and the wait is so short it does not make sense not to. I would bet the guy in the picture would have waited 2 minutes had he known this would/could have happened.

Hind sight is always 20/20. Fortunately for Us, We have a prime example of what Could happen so we can take the time to correct it on our own vehicles.

Follow your vehicles owners manual if you will be re-torquing the lugs yourself.


As this is the season when people are putting on their winter tires, Please ensure that you are taking the time to re-torque and save yourself a MAJOR headache.



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