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RECALL / STOP USE NOTICE Immediate Action Required

E6 Energy absorbing lanyards manufactured between April 14, 2014 and May 21, 2014.

Users of the affected lanyards should stop using them immediately.

During ongoing quality control and compliance testing, Safety Direct discovered a defect in the energy absorbing component of our E6 energy absorbing lanyards. This defect could prevent the lanyard from absorbing sufficient energy from a fall to protect the user from serious injury or death.

We have not received any reports of falls or injuries from the field associated with this product, but have decided to voluntarily recall this product because the health and safety of our customers is of the upmost importance to us.

All Safety Direct E6 energy absorbing lanyards can be identified by:

  1. the blue polyester webbing with a black line 1/4 inch from each edge
  2. the words Class E6 shown on the label
  3. the date of manufacture is also found on the label

E6 Label Content

We request the following steps be taken:

  1. Stop using and quarantine all affected product immediately
  2. Return all affected product to your distributor or directly to Safety Direct. Please contact us for a return authorization number (RA#) and we will pay the shipping charges

Upon confirmation by Safety Direct that the returned product is affected by this recall, we will replace the lanyard free of charge as soon as new energy absorbing material is available from our supplier.

Safety Direct remains committed to providing quality products and services to our customers.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause and wish to thank you for your continued support of Safety direct.

Please direct any questions you may have to your Safety Direct Distributor or by contacting Safety Direct customer service at 780-464-7139.

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