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How does YOUR safety program stack up in these vital areas?

When we look at successful safety programs they are not just filling out an FLHA ( Field level hazard assessment) and getting right to work. There are several key elements that work behind the scenes that are affecting your safety program. We will break down each one of these in future posts. Here they are:

  1. Leadership and administration
  2. Leadership Training
  3. Planned Inspections & Maintenance
  4. Critical Task Analysis & Procedures
  5. Accident Investigation
  6. Task Observation
  7. Emergency Preparedness
  8. Rules and Work Permits
  9. Accident Analysis
  10. Knowledge and Skills Training
  11. Personal Protective Equipment
  12. Health & Hygiene Control
  13. System Evaluation
  14. Engineering & Change Management
  15. Personal Communications
  16. Group Communications
  17. General Promotion
  18. Hiring & Placement
  19. Materials and Services Management
  20. Off The Job Safety


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