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Self-Righteous or Just not well round in one’s World even if you think you are!

When we comment or express our opinion and hopefully with some notable a fact and not based on upon malice or prejudice are we wrong. Are our views opinions and comment making us higher than others long before we seek to understand the TRUE MEANING of the comment! Safety is no different it is base upon looking at real cause, the real fact and the real correction!  The  group the SPICE Girls coined a song on the same topic and it politely states the same;

Websters Dictonary notes that SELF-RIGHTEOUS MEANS: (notwithstanding) convinced of one’s own righteousness especially in contrast with the actions and beliefs of others : narrow-mindedly moralistic

I meet one the other day and although we have never shock hands or been to his home, I have worked on the same site as him and know exactly who he is!  And OH yes I have meet a few in my humble days on earth in all corners of the globe. And it is not limited to guys, it is equally shared by gals too. We stand on soap boxes shake or fists and cry out Im the greatest, mine is the only answer and look smaller and smaller to the crowd. And when you give an investigator that picture, a true investigator a look at your life of high opinion you are living in glass houses. OH YES you might know him he is semi know to some of your for sure! Have you encountered that kind of person who thinks that he/she always knows the right answer? Or that his/her beliefs are the absolute truths? If you have, please accept my greetings. For sure you had your share of stress for dealing with that person.

Self-righteous people have a tendency to let the world know that they are the most right. They have this unending need to preach and make others feel small, illiterate and nothing compared to them. How cruel, right? But the world has them. Actually, everyone might have a share with it. You, your friend, lover, parents, siblings, and even I, at one point had a share with it. Or that you, at this very moment, still take part in such kind of attitude.

A self-righteous person enthusiastically oozes the following attributes:

  • His opinions are correct, just because he is the source.
  • Others’ opinions are suspect – especially when those perspectives are well informed, because the self-righteous one is not the source.
  • Self-righteous people are most interested in themselves and only interested in others to the degree that others support their image of rightness.
  • When a self-righteous person is truly out ranked, out smarted, or out classed, he usually shuts down and doesn’t know what to do. It’s as if there were no inner program with an option that allows for someone else to be better, smarter or have greater credibility.
  1. They are lonely people. Seriously, I think they are. They have this unexpressed burden that they might not even be aware of. They are lonely and blame the world for it. Consequently, they turn their hatred to the people around them, the inefficiency of the government, and even the traffic on the road.
  2. They lack a significant relationship with people. The idea of love may not be foreign to them but the doing of it may be. I believe that they have the ability to love. But, they might not know how to start. Because if these people know how to love, there will not be enough room in their hearts to see the world around them negatively.
  3. They feel alone and insecure.  Possibly, these people are also aware that nobody cares for them. And to survive in this world, they tend to be aggressive just to let other people know that they are strong. But deep inside, they are broken and afraid. And by making sure that they are right and the rest of us are wrong, somehow, it possibly gives them a sense of security.
  4. They don’t know the right channel to express their thoughts. There are a lot of good ways to share one’s ideas with other people. Not in the way that they would make others feel so low, dumb and even sinful. And that’s what I hope to help you with today.

The strange and the unusual of making truth about self-righteousness

·        Self-righteous people are the ones most likely to view others as self-righteous.

·        So, the first thing to do when you perceive someone else as self-righteous is to look in the mirror.

·        You can be certain that you are NOT self-righteously accusing someone else of self-righteousness if:

·        Regardless of their attitude, you recognize and appreciate when they have a good point.

·        You see them as a person with an issue, rather than a walking, talking annoyance to humankind (a convenient object of blame).

·        You can successfully ignore their self-righteousness and focus on the task at hand.

·        If you cannot let go of your own self-righteousness toward the self-righteous, then you are an equal contributor to the problem.

When you are not part of the problem, here is the best solution:

Ignore it.

Here’s why: it’s not going to change. At least, you cannot expect it to. A solid case of self-righteousness requires real help and outside insight. In other words, the self-righteous soul needs to ask for help and then be willing to receive the most difficult kind of feedback over time.

  • You can’t just show up to up in front of the average self-righteous person and say, “Hey, knock it off.”
  • So, forget it. Focus on getting things done and do not allow a self-righteous attitude to get in the way.
  • Accept the self-righteous one’s good ideas, rejected the bad ones, move ahead and do not be intimidated or annoyed. You’ll never regret this.
  • On the other hand, if you allow a self-righteous person to get under your skin, you’ll be the only one suffering. And the suffering is enough to turn the mildest soul into a raging lunatic.
  • Sleepless nights, incessant inner negativity, spinning thoughts about how anyone can think they are such a god, etc…

In other words, say good-bye to any shred of inner peace!

If you allow a self-righteous person to destroy your peace, then…

You are fully engaged in self-sabotage.

In other words, you consistently put yourself in a position where another human being is determining how you think and feel. A lot of us have a tendency to feel that other people or outward circumstances are calling the shots.

It’s hard to choose healthy thoughts and feelings when the strings of your psyche are being pulled by someone else (especially a self-righteous person).

And yes I look in the mirror every day and say did I do the right thing for others, did I make difference , how did I measure it.

Because in safety we measure life by straight fact and measurement it seem very black and white most days with very little grey scale, and yes people, ALL PEOPLE are entitled to their opinion regardless if it is wrong or right that is why we call it a FREEDOM in North America. But without measurement opinion are like backside everyone has one and without straight fact it is just and ONLY THAT AN OPINION!

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