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When you talk to people regarding Health and Safety are you hoping for a PARLEY?

When we talk Parley we think of the movie and the pirates saying PARLEY no one can be hurt or injured under the rules of PARLEY!

 Parley really means:

To exploit successfully

To increase or otherwise transform into something of much great value  or to use ones money, talent, or other assets to achieve a desired objective as spectacular wealth and success and that includes the SUPERVISOR, not just the worker.

Are you betting your safety program at work based upon your assets, money and talents will achieve a work force with ZERO incidents and happy health workers?   Well how to do you do it how do you get there and you need great education in the WHOLE program at work!

In truth Parley starts by teaching the TEN COMMANDMENTS of your program!The 10 Commandments of Safety

Ten Commandments of Work Health Safety

  1. Safety is everyone’s business legally and morally
  2. All accidents are preventable and irreversible
  3. Follow company rules, regulation and procedures – they’re there to protect you
  4. Assess it, manage it, regulate it and measure it  – stop, think, safety
  5. Be proactive, understand accident causes and make the change
  6. If not trained, don’t risk it; don’t do it
  7. Manual handling – size up the load, manage the lift
  8. Don’t take shortcuts, they lead to injuries
  9. Practice good housekeeping, avoid slips, trips and falls
  10. Be aware – there may be an accident waiting to happen

Safety attitude is more than just following the rules.It’s that extra something that means you care about safety. You show you keep safety in mind when you… Plan ahead for the job, including a review of the procedures and equipment.

Focus on the job you’re doing, even when you’d rather be doing something else.

Take time to do the job right the first time, even if it means getting out extra safety equipment and going over procedures.

Take responsibility for safety, even when it’s “not my job.” Do the right thing, even when others want you to take shortcuts or fool around.

Know the risks of unsafe tasks, and avoid them whenever you can, even when it means taking more time to get the job done safely

Are you teaching your staff about safety in the WHOLE BIG PICTURE OF LIFE

Terry Penney

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