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Toolbox: Your Decision Is The Difference

This talk is about something you do a hundred times a day without realizing it – Making A Decision. Most of your decisions around here will be to do something the right way or the wrong way.


In practically everything you do, you have to make a decision prior to doing it. Sometimes consciously, sometimes not. I am sure you can relate to everyday activities which you do consistently without any problems. How is it then when you perform a task, safely, so many times you can do it your sleep and then an accident happens? A decision had to have been made by you, maybe subconsciously, maybe not. The decision you must make, everyday, is do you want to get hurt or do you not want to get hurt. The only common denominator here is you and the point we’re trying to make is that you can be the difference.

For example, when you are performing a task and require a piece of PPE you don’t have with you, but know you should use, what do you do? Do you tough it out and hope you don’t get hurt or do you make a decision to go and get what you know you need. The same goes for tools, if you don’t have the right tool to finish a job with, what do you do? Do you jury rig with what you have at hand and hope you get away with it or do you go to the crib to get what you know you need.

We probably all agree what the correct decisions to these questions are yet too many times the wrong decisions are made and someone just like you gets hurt. Decision making is part of your responsibility. We want you to think before, during and after a job so that you make the right decisions all the time.

The common element throughout this talk is you. You make the decisions which determine if you are going home safe and sound every day or taking an ambulance ride.


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