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Toolbox: What is a Safety Talk?

Toolbox talk

A “safety talk” is a pre-refresher to remind workers that health and safety are very important on the job.  Safety talks deal with specific problems on site but they do not replace formal training.  Through Safety Talks you can tell workers about the health and safety requirements for the tools, equipment, materials and procedures they use everyday or for particular jobs.

The objective of a safety talk is to help recognize the hazards and what controls that can be put in place to safe their work site. Safety talks demonstrate the commitment of employers and workers to safety.  If you are talking safety first thing in the morning it will carry through for the rest of the day.

Once you enter your work site you will immediately identify your emergency assembly areas and your meetings points so you know where to go in an instant and who are you going to call”.  The morning talk will assist you in putting the right hazards down on your FLHA as you begin identifying the area hazards.


Start everyone’s day with a good informative “Safety Talk”

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