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Toolbox: Think Safety

Care and attitude are two of the more important aspects of your job. They not only affect the way you do your job, but also have a definite relationship to your mental as well as your physical well-being.


Have you ever noticed how much energy you have for the things you enjoy doing, projects you are enthusiastic about? It has been proved that people who perform their jobs with an assured attitude are more safety-conscious, work more efficiently, and have a healthier outlook. Safety means approaching your job with confidence, doing things the right way, the safe way, with concern for others.

A safe attitude contributes to everyone’s well-being. If a proper attitude is not maintained, job performance and quality of workmanship are likely to suffer. This in turn could result in a personal injury, inferior products, or damaged materials. A person who thinks safety will take the extra time to do the job correctly.
Even the people who buy the product you had a part in making could be affected, since a bad attitude can lead to poor workmanship—perhaps defective parts that might malfunction, causing injury to the consumer.

When you are enthusiastic about your job, and show concern and a positive attitude, you not only make a better employee but also become a much more appreciated individual. There is nothing as contagious as enthusiasm—if everyone makes the effort. Don’t be someone who just “has a job.” The proper attitude—the safe attitude—will show that you care.

A safe attitude can play a big role in all of our lives. By staying in the right frame of mind we can accomplish all things we attempt in a safe manner. Remember, your attitude matters to the company, to your co-workers, ultimately to your own health and self-esteem.


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