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Worker dies, trader booked for negligence in India, Could Loto have saved him?

India times reports: BHOPAL: A businessman has been booked for death of a labourer due to negligence on Wednesday. Labourer Babulal Kushwah died due to electrical shock on September 1 this year. A case has been registered at Berasia police station.

Police said, during construction of house, owned by accused Suresh Chouksey, labourer Babulal got an electrical shock from an open wire. The labourer who was undergoing treatment at Hamidia died during treatment. During investigation, it was found the incident took place due to negligence of house owner as electricity was not cut off while construction work was on. From statements of Ajay, Pashuram and Manoj, who worked with Babulal, the case was registered against the accused.The accused is on the run , police said.
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